Agenda, decisions and minutes

Democratic Services Committee - Wednesday, 4th November, 2020 10:00

Venue: remotely via Skype for Business

Contact: Democratic Services 

Note: Note: Please note: Due to the current requirement for social distancing this meeting will not be held at its usual location. This will be a virtual meeting and Members and Officers will be attending remotely. The meeting will be recorded for subsequent transmission via the Council’s internet site which will be available as soon as practicable after the meeting. If you have any queries regarding this, please contact or tel. 01656 643147 / 643148. 


No. Item


Declarations of Interest

To receive declarations of personal and prejudicial interest (if any) from Members/Officers in accordance with the provisions of the Members’ Code of Conduct adopted by the Council from 1 September 2008.


All Members declared a personal interest in agenda Item 4 - Draft Report Of The Independent Remuneration Panel For Wales 2021/2022 – as they were all in receipt of remuneration.



Approval of Minutes pdf icon PDF 92 KB

To receive for approval, the minutes of the 12/03/2020


RESOLVED:   That the minutes of the 12/03/2020 be approved as a true and accurate record.



Draft Report Of The Independent Remuneration Panel For Wales 2021/2022 pdf icon PDF 88 KB

Additional documents:


The Democratic Services Manager presented a report which advised the Democratic Services Committee of the draft Annual Report of the Independent Remuneration Panel (IRP) for Wales in respect of the level and range of remuneration the Authority must make available to its Members for the 2021/2022 municipal year.


He asked that the Committee also provide any comments and recommendations to Council in respect of the Draft Annual Report 2021/2022.


The Democratic Services Manager advised that the 2021/2022 was the thirteenth Annual Report of the Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales (the Panel), and the tenth published under the requirements of the Local Government (Wales) Measure 2011 (attached as Appendix 1). The Measure extended the responsibilities of the Panel and its powers under Section 142 to decide (prescribe) payments to members of relevant authorities.


He added that representatives of the Panel have held consultation meetings remotely on their proposals, which was attended by the Chairperson of the Democratic Services Committee and the Head of Democratic Services.


The determinations from the Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales Annual Report 2021 were shown at Appendix 2 of the report.


The Democratic Services Manager explained that while financial constraints on the public sector remain, the Panel considered that an increase in the basic salary was justified and had proposed an increase of £150 per annum (1.06%) to the basic salary for members of principal councils effective from 1 April 2021. The proposed increase applied to the basic salary for members of principal councils is in recognition of the basic duties expected of all Elected Members.  The basic salary in 2021/2022 for Elected Members of principal councils shall be £14,368, this was shown at Determination 1.   


Similarly, the Panel has determined that senior salaries was to be increased at the same rate as basic salaries which was 1.06%, which was shown at Determination 2.  He added that no additional increases were to be paid to senior salary holders in 2021/2022.  The Panel considered that Leaders and members of the executive carry the greatest individual accountability.  The Panel proposed to increase the salaries of the Executive, Committee Chairs and the Group Leader to the following levels:


Senior salaries (inclusive of basic salary)



Deputy leader


Executive members


Committee chairs (if remunerated):


Leader of largest opposition group3


Leader of other political groups


The Panel alsodetermined which was at Determination 3 that where paid, civic salaries be paid as follows:



Civic salaries (inclusive of basic salary)



Lord Mayor






A Member asked in relation to page 34, section 3.22 of the report whereby it states Members should already have use of electronic email services and the ability to access information electronically, what Members thoughts were on this. He added that during the Covid-19 Pandemic, Members had needed to work from home. Was it expected of Members to have the internet facilities in place, or did Members feel they needed to establish this as a result  ...  view the full minutes text for item 186.


Member Development Programme pdf icon PDF 540 KB


The Democratic Services Manager presented a report which its purpose was to provide an update on the delivery of the Councils Member Development Training and Development Programme and related activities. He added that the purpose was to also request any topics for inclusion on the programme.


The Democratic Services Manager presented the Member Training and Development Sessions, Pre Council Briefing Sessions and Development Control Committee Training Sessions that had been held since the last Democratic Services Committee on 17th October 2019. These were listed in the table at 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3 of the report. 


The Democratic Services Manager explained the future scheduled pre council briefings which were as follows:


  • 18 November 2020: Budget Consultation
  • 16 December 2020: Bridgend Association of Voluntary Organisations
  • TBC: Changes to the New Curriculum



The Democratic Services Manager explained the future scheduled Development Control Committee Training Sessions which had been scheduled as follows:


  • 10 December 2020: Update on Wales/Regional Planning Matters and Resourcing of the Planning Service


The Democratic Services Manager explained the future Proposed Member Training and Development sessions which were scheduled as follows:


  • · 5 November 2020 – Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 Training
  • 25 November 2020 - Scrutiny Chairing Skills
  • 30 November 2020 - Scrutiny Questioning Skills
  • Using Bridgemaps – TBC
  • Safeguarding – TBC
  • Education Outcomes – TBC



He explained that since the start of the current term, a number of E-learning courses had been provided. The following E-learning had been completed by members:


  • Corporate Induction (11 Members)
  • General Data Protection Regulations (4)
  • Display Screen Equipment (3)
  • Fire Safety Awareness (4)
  • ICT Code of Conduct (9)
  • Safeguarding Children and Adults (14)
  • Violence Against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence (4)


The Democratic Services Manager previously eluded to Members the E learning module that was to be rolled out on an all Wales basis. He confirmed that the draft version of the training module had been completed and had been piloted by the Chairperson of this committee. The Chairperson had undertaken the training and had suggested a number of changes which were due to be made before the final version of the training module be rolled out. He asked if Members of this committee were interested in undertaking this training module, he would link in with the Learning and Development Team.


The Democratic Services Manager explained that the Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA) as well as Academi Wales had provided some useful guidelines on a range of topics, links to these were included at section 4.7.6 of the report.


A Member asked if a presentation on Mental Health could be included as a Pre Council Briefing.


The Democratic Services Manager added that if Members had any further topics to add, to email himself or the team at any time with suggestions.



RESOLVED: That the Democratic Services Committee:


  • noted the contents of the report; and
  • Provided additional topics for Pre council briefings, Member Development Sessions and E Learning Modules.



Urgent Items

To consider any item(s) of business in respect of which notice has been given in accordance with Part 4 (paragraph 4) of the Council Procedure Rules and which the person presiding at the meeting is of the opinion should by reason of special circumstances be transacted at the meeting as a matter of urgency.