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Bridgend Town Centre Regeneration Masterplan Consultation (December 2020 - March 2021) - Engagement with Town and Community Councils


The Corporate Director – Communities submitted a report, the purpose of which, was to inform the Town and Community Council Forum of the proposed Masterplan for the Bridgend Town Centre and also of the public consultation, with the aim to ensure effective engagement with Town and Community Councils, local residents and businesses.


The report was supported by a power point presentation from Ms. Shruthi Guruswamy from BDP Consultants, on the current and future proposals.


The Group Manager – Strategic Regeneration, advised that the, Bridgend Town Centre Masterplan was commissioned in February 2020 with the purpose of it being a key strategic document to create a coherent basis for securing future funding, attracting investors and delivering a comprehensive range of regeneration projects.


BDP Consultants and the wider sub-consultant team consisting of Asbri Planning, Cooke and Arkwright and Phil Jones Associates were appointed by Bridgend County Borough Council (BCBC), to prepare a Regeneration Masterplan for and on behalf of BCBC for the Bridgend town centre.


The Masterplan purpose was to ensure that Bridgend builds on its many strengths, so that alongside recent investment, there is a catalyst for future growth that incorporates town centre mixed use regeneration. It will be used as a dynamic long-term planning document that will offer a theoretical layout to guide future regeneration and growth. It also provided analysis, recommendations, and proposals for the town centre. It complements the Local Development Plan and builds upon the Bridgend Town Centre Framework.


As part of the development of the Masterplan, BCBC had conducted an extensive stakeholder engagement process during the early stages of the project. The findings were represented / incorporated into the Masterplan. BCBC extended an invite to all external stakeholders including local organisations, landowners, the Bridgend Town Council, other governmental authorities and relevant working groups. BDP also subsequently conducted a visioning workshop with a range of external stakeholders.


The draft Masterplan was presently out for consultation, Members were advised.


The draft Bridgend Town Centre Masterplan, outlined a vision for a liveable and vibrant place. This vision brings together enterprise, employment, education, in-town living, shopping, culture, tourism and well-being within a historic setting.


She explained further, that the consultation gave an overview of the Plan which identified a series of ambitious and deliverable projects. To achieve the overall vision and regenerate Bridgend Town Centre over the next ten years, four broad themes had been identified:







Bridgend town centre consists of a variety of uses, which has formed the basis of eight development zones, within which 23 relevant projects have been identified, plus a number of site wide projects.


      The development zones included:


           The Railway Station Area

           Brackla, Nolton and Oldcastle

           The Retail Core

           Café and Cultural Quarter

           The Northern Gateway





Key projects in the Masterplan were:


           A new entrance to the railway station from Tremains Road and Llynfi Lane;

           Improvements to the Northern Gateway - to create a legible and attractive gateway to the town centre;

           The relocation of Bridgend College to the town centre;

           To create a culture hub as an indoor event space;

           A new town square;

           More in-town living;

           Better access to the town centre;

           Strengthen the retail core; and

           Improvements in and along the Ogmore River


The Group Manager – Strategic Regeneration confirmed that a consultation survey aimed to gain views from as many different people and businesses about what their preferred projects, options and priorities might be, in terms of the Masterplans future proposals.


The Vice-Chairperson of the Forum thanked Ms. Guruswamy and colleagues in BCBC for all the hard work that had been committed to the Bridgend Masterplan to date. He felt that the proposals within the Plan were exciting and would give vision to Bridgend in future, thus reflecting it as being a County town, through a future joined-up series of different strategies. Work was in progress with landowners in the town as well as stakeholders, with a view to pursuing the aspirations of the Masterplan which would be financially supported through grant funding, as well as through other avenues. Some of the aims and objectives of the Masterplan, would free-up some invaluable open space in the town, which was crucial in these times of Covid-19. The Plan would also bring in opportunities for further and higher education to the town centre, at the Cheapside Police Station site, he added.


A Member noted that there were a number of different projects earmarked in the Bridgend Masterplan, ie around 23 in total and undoubtedly these would be progressed with on a phased basis. He asked how long after the consultation ended would it be, before works commenced and if any of the Masterplans projects had been considered in order of priority.


The Group Manager – Strategic Regeneration advised that consultations were ongoing with Welsh Government and other key partners, for example landowners within the town and projects such as locating the College to the town centre was a realistic proposal that was not too far off. Some finance had been made available to fund the Masterplan in 2021-22 for this and negotiations were in place with Bridgend College currently. The train station propositions were also not that far away, as there was also funding available for works to be carried out there. The Council and partners were in consultations with Transport for Wales and Network Rail in relation to this particular project proposal, she advised. Smaller scale funding was also available presently, in order to ‘green’ the town centre and for smaller scale property enhancements.


A Member asked what was the total amount of cost estimated to support all the proposed projects within the Bridgend Masterplan and would any of it be funded by the Cardiff Capital Region City Deal.


The Leader confirmed that certain opportunities associated with the Masterplan had been actively explored with the City Deal, who had also been involved in the development process of the Bridgend Masterplan.


The Group Manager – Strategic Regeneration echoed the above, adding that the works planned at the Bridgend Railway Station aligned with the City Deal Metro project.


The representative from BDP Consultants stated, that the design, land acquisition and other relevant costs around the Bridgend Masterplan were difficult to gauge at the moment and would likely change in any event, as the Plan progressed in the future.


A Member asked if the Bridgend Masterplan travel initiatives included any improved transport accessibility proposals from Bridgend to Porthcawl and vice-versa, in order that people could enjoy the different types of culture these two towns had to offer.


The Leader advised that as part of the Salt Lake car park project in conjunction with the City Deal ideology regarding improved travel links, bus transport routes would be strengthened between both Bridgend and Porthcawl, Porthcawl and Pyle Railway Station and Pyle and Bridgend. Improved Active Travel links were also being looked at he added, right throughout the County Borough.


RESOLVED:                          That the Forum noted the report and the accompanying presentation given by BDP Consultants.     


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