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Licensing Act 2003 - Sections 53A to 53D Application for Summary Review The Station Hotel, Caerau, 1 Caerau Road, Caerau, Maesteg, CF34 OPB


F Colwill, Licensing Officer, Community Safety Partnership explained that she was representing South Wales Police, to determine the application made by the Police  for the expedited review of the Premises License at the Station Hotel, 1 Caerau Road, Caerau, Maesteg. She explained that the initial representations were in the form of the application to carry out the expedited review of the Premises License. The written and oral representations were her professional opinion and part of her role was to ensure all licensed premises were run responsibly and the licensing objectives were promoted. It was explained that this was best achieved by working in partnership with licensees. An essential part of her duties was ensuring a positive relationship between the Area Police Licensing Officer, the Premises Licence holder and the Designated Premises Supervisor of any licensed premise.


On Friday 16th July 2021 a Firearms Warrant was executed at the Station Hotel in Caerau where prohibited weapons, suspected firearms, ammunition and drugs were recovered within the licensed premises. It was clear that the Licence Holder and DPS were not promoting the licencing objective of crime and disorder and there was also potentially a public safety issue particularly for the residents of Caerau, Maesteg.  


A member asked exactly what the suspected firearms were. Sgt D McCutcheon replied that there were suspected firearms found on the premises. He was unable to comment any further at the time because the investigations were still ongoing. With regard to the criminal investigation the weapons would have to be tested and examined to determine if they were Section 1 Firearms or air weapons etc.


A member asked how long the investigations would take. Sgt D McCutcheon replied that it could take anywhere between 2 and 8 weeks. There were a number of things that had to be examined as part of the investigation including drugs and ammunition.


A member asked in relation to the other weapons, how many there would have been. Sgt D McCutcheon replied that there were a number of swords, knives and a medieval mace. He advised the committee that the Law was updated with regard to prohibited weapons on 14th July 2021 which made it an offence to have these weapons in a private place as well as a public place unless you had a reasonable excuse.


A member asked if they could rule out the possibility that the weapons were imitation. Sgt D McCutcheon replied that they could not rule that out and the ammunition and firearms could be imitation. However as already explained an imitation firearm would be classed as a prohibited weapon and the enquiries regarding the ability to fire were still ongoing. 


The Committee adjourned to make their decision.




This is an application by the Police for an interim review in accordance with the provisions of the Licensing Act 2003 in respect of a premises licence at the Station Hotel, Caerau, Maesteg.  The Police has made the application as they consider the premises to be associated with serious crime and disorder.


The Committee have considered the written report from the Licensing Officer and the representations made at the hearing by the Police.

The Committee have considered the steps that can be taken namely:-

The interim steps that the licensing authority must consider taking are:

            • the modification of the conditions of the premises licence;

               • the exclusion of the sale of alcohol by retail from the scope of the    licence;

             • the removal of the designated premises supervisor from the licence;     and

            • the suspension of the licence.

The Committee have decided that the allegations are of a very serious nature namely that there were weapons and drugs found at the premises and as such have determined to suspend the Licence pending a full review hearing in this matter in order to prevent further serious crime and disorder at the premises.

This decision takes immediate effect.


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