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Well-Being and Population Needs Assessment


The Partnership & CSP Manager presented a report which;

  • informed the Town and Community Council Forum of the work of the Bridgend and Cwm Taf Public Services Boards and the Cwm Taf Morgannwg Regional Partnership Board in relation to the Well-being and Population Needs Assessments


  • outline the responsibilities of certain Town and Community Councils under the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 (the Act)


The Public Service Board Chairperson explained that the Public Services Boards (PSBs) were established on 1 April 2016 following the implementation of the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015. Bridgend PSB published its first Assessment of Well-being in April 2017, which assessed the state of the economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being of Bridgend County. The next Well-being plan will be published by April 2023 as a requirement of the PSB to publish it no later than 1 year a Local election takes place.

The Public Service Board Chairperson explained that one of the lessons learnt from the last wellbeing plan was that the scope was too large and not reasonably achievable in the time frame. For the current wellbeing plan the scope was more specific and measurable with the aim to be much more effective. He added that another improvement for the current wellbeing plan was to ensure engagement with as many people as possible and incorporate the needs into the assessment and plan.


The Public Service Board Chairperson stated that Town and Community Councils play an important role in engagement to ensure local representation. The PSB wanted to strengthen the relationships with Town and Community Councils to ensure the most was achieved in that engagement. The aim was to understand what the local issues were and ensure that the PSB was making a difference in solving issues.


The Leader praised the Public Service Board and stressed the importance of it as they worked at multiagency level such as the fire service and South Wales Police. The Assessment helped to prioritise the work and devise actions to work towards to provide better services.


A Member mentioned that there were many Councillors who were also Town and Community Councillors that sat on this forum. He asked if there was scope for discussions at individual town and community council meetings.


The Public Service Board Chairperson was happy to meet with individuals as much as possible to ensure the information on what the Public Service Board do gets across and also to ensure maximum engagement and contribution to the wellbeing assessment and plan.  The Partnership & CSP Manager added that she could email the clerks of the T&C Councils to arrange meetings where needed between the PSB and her own team also.


The Leader asked the Partnership & CSP Manager if the Town and Community Councils which had legal duties to fulfil in terms of contributions to the wellbeing objectives could be contacted and made aware of these duties. A Member mentioned that the Town and Community Clerks meeting would be an additional avenue to promote the wellbeing plan.


The Public Service Board Chairperson added that many Town and Community Councillors were part of the asset board. When the wellbeing plan is published there would be governance structure with the various sub groups and there may be an opportunity for Members to be part of the PSB also.


The Partnership & CSP Manager asked that Town and Community Councillors complete the assessment individually to ensure the PSB has a greater understanding of needs. She added that the assessment document together with the engagement work would be going out to the Town and Community Councils sometime towards the end of January 2022 for consultation and welcomed feedback for the draft assessment itself.


RESOLVED: That the Town and Community Council Forum received and considered the report.


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