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Llangynwyd Playing Fields


The Corporate Director Communities presented a report for Cabinet to consider the business case prepared in accordance with the Council’s

Community Asset Transfer (CAT) Policy document to support the leasing of

the pavilion and, two football pitches, other green spaces and car park at

Llangynwyd Playing Fields to Llangynwyd Rangers Boys and Girls Club

(Llangynwyd Rangers BGC). Cabinet were also being asked to assess and, where appropriate, approve the funding package requested by Llangynwyd Rangers BGC under the Council’s CAT Fund to support proposals to undertake essential pavilion repairs upon the completion of a proposed long-term 35-year lease for the whole site.


The Corporate Director Communities provided a background to the facilities and usage of the club. She then outlined the current proposal and that the Club sought to widen participation particularly with women and girls and had

a number of initiatives to broaden the appeal of football. The FAW ‘Huddle’ had been in operation since April 2021 and had attracted over 180 girls to play football. Detailed business and financial plans outlining their proposals were attached at appendix G and H to the report. Both had been reviewed by the Finance Department and were considered to demonstrate the

financial viability of the project being proposed in the short and medium term in accordance with the CAT Policy document. The Corporate Director Communities explained the three funding applications that had been made and that the Club wished to complete the proposed 35-year lease for the whole site which would enable them to undertake essential pavilion

repairs subject to Cabinet approving their funding application in the sum of



The Cabinet Member for Communities welcomed the report which would bring in even larger sums of money to create not only a football location but also a green space location.


The Leader agreed that this was a very exciting proposal for the Club, the valley and for the Borough. The funding enabled the Club to get match funding securing a total  investment of more than £450,000 and he was particularly pleased with the plans to engage with more women and girls. 


The Corporate Director for Communities added that the Club had vision and a particularly strong female section but not the facilities. They were planning to get dedicated facilities but would start by repairing what was already there.   


The Leader thanked the volunteers and Committee Members at the club for their hard work in achieving this success. 


RESOLVED:           Cabinet:


1. Noted the funding already allocated from the CAT Fund to Llangynwyd Rangers BGC to support the self-management of the two football pitches and other green spaces at Llangynwyd Playing Fields which was agreed in principle by the CAT Steering Group:


Purpose of Funding                 

Funding under CAT Fund

Drainage & Pitch Improvements

(2 x Football Pitches)


Pitch Maintenance Equipment



2. Approved the business case (business and financial plans) submitted by Llangynwyd Rangers BGC to support the leasing of the Pavilion, two football pitches, other green spaces and car park at the Llangynwyd Playing Fields, under the Council’s CAT programme, by demonstrating the financial viability and sustainability of the project.


3 Approved the funding request under the CAT Fund submitted by Llangynwyd Rangers BGC to undertake essential pavilion repairs in the sum of £157,240.85 which would take the full funding package for the transfer under the CAT Fund to £217,240.85.

Supporting documents: