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Play Sufficiency Duty, Assessment and Action Plan to Secure Sufficient Opportunities in Bridgend County Borough


The Corporate Director Social Services and Wellbeing presented a report informing Cabinet of the statutory duty on all local authorities to secure a sufficient quantity and quality of play opportunities for children and young people in relation to Article 31 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and the statutory guidance produced by Welsh Government in July 2014. They were also seeking comments, observations and approval on the three-year assessment conducted during 2021-22 and the proposed action plan for 2022-24 which was required in relation to the statutory matters established by Welsh Government in relation to play sufficiency.


The Corporate Director Social Services and Wellbeing explained that the assessment and action plan were the subject of detailed pre scrutiny and consideration prior to coming to Cabinet. The assessment and action plan had benefitted from extensive engagement and the involvement of young people in its development. This was a One Council approach to play sufficiency and a Bridgend commitment together with the commitment of partners, was critical in delivering the priorities within the action plan.


The Group Manager for Prevention and Wellbeing explained the background to play sufficiency and that Bridgend County Borough Council (BCBC) had conducted and submitted play sufficiency assessments and action plans as required by Welsh Government. He explained the issues and matters that were considered within the assessment and the need for a “One Council” approach and collaboration with stakeholders and partners. The assessment and action plan were provided at appendix 1 to the report and he highlighted the key themes for them to focus on.  


The Group Manager for Prevention and Wellbeing explained the financial implications that would apply across the Directorates and that it was uncertain as to how much could be absorbed within existing core revenue budgets. In recent years, Welsh Government had provided a range of funding support schemes but there was no confirmation of future or ongoing investment.


The Cabinet Member for Future Generations thanked the officers for the report and the work that had been undertaken by the team. This was a good example of how the Wellbeing and Future Generations Act should work. He thanked the elected Members who had contributed and for the questions asked in scrutiny and more widely and as a result of that work. 


The Cabinet Member for Communities thanked the Play Sufficiency Champion for his hard work and added that it was not just fixed play equipment but also play spaces which should be valued and used more. Nine playgrounds had been completed and in all nine there was accessible, disabled equipment, roundabouts and seat swings.  He had met with local ward members and officers to make sure that going forward, they take account of access audits, accessibility, disability and inclusivity and to take on board procurement specialist advice. He added that some training for members from Play Wales at the appropriate time would help to improve understanding.


RESOLVED:                  Cabinet:

·      reviewed the detail of the play sufficiency statutory duty and the scope of services that were contributing to creating a ‘play friendly’ society as identified within the play sufficiency assessment and provided observations and comments on the 2022-2025 assessment and the action plan that had been developed as an initial response to the findings of the assessment.

Approved the play sufficiency assessment and action plan in line with the national requirements regarding play sufficiency.

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