Agenda item

Support for Young Carers and Adult Carers



Councillor Jane Gebbie - Deputy Leader of Council and Cabinet Member for Social Services and Early Help

Councillor Rhys Goode - Cabinet Member for Wellbeing and Future Generations


Claire Marchant - Corporate Director - Social Services and Wellbeing

Jacqueline Davies - Head of Adult Social Care

Laura Kinsey - Head of Children’s Social Care


Andrew Thomas - Group Manager – Prevention and Wellbeing

Martin Morgans - Head of Performance and Partnerships 

Kathy Proudfoot - Carers Development Officer

Sophie Moore - Wellbeing Manager - Healthy Living


Ryan Statton - Active Communities Manager, Halo Leisure 

Ceri Evans - Director of Business Development and Partnerships, Awen

Gareth Howells - Chief Operating Officer, TuVida

Jenny Park - Director of Care and services, TuVida 





The Corporate Director – Social Services and Wellbeing presented the report, the purpose of which was to inform the Committee of the requirements of the Carers Charter in Wales and the related areas of focus that can support unpaid carers to maintain their well-being and to describe the work taking place within Bridgend County Borough to support unpaid carers, to enable the Committee to consider how well the Council, and partners, support young carers and adult carers.

The Chair thanked the Corporate Director - Social Services and Wellbeing and Members discussed the following:


·         Support available to allow young carers to continue their education alongside their caring responsibilities.

·         Schools’ Young Carer Policies and practical support in schools including help with work and applications for extra time for exams.

·         The challenges faced by young carers during the pandemic, staying home with all family members without any respite care.

·         The young carer advised Members that she found keeping in a routine, going for walks and partaking in online lessons helpful. She also felt that, since the pandemic, the benefits of the Young Carers Card had really improved matters and that she found real value in the Network.

·         Any necessary improvements to support young carers highlighting the importance of identification and input from the Young Carers Steering Group.

·         Members heard from a participant to Halo’s six-week Carers Respite Programme who cares for her husband with Alzheimer’s. She discussed the content of the Programme and that she had found it respectful, understanding and informative. She advised that organisation of care for her husband enabling her to attend the Programme was invaluable but asked that consideration be given to providing transport for participants who do not drive.

·         The development of dementia support and engagement work by the Regional Partnership Board with input from a Dementia Coordinator to inform local and regional plans and services.  

·         The number and source of referrals to Adult Social Care, the percentage of carers who received advice and assistance and the number and outcomes of full carer needs assessments.

·         The number of young carers assessments and how many were already known to the Authority.

·         Funding for the support operated through Whitehead Ross and its focus on the individual needs of young carers.

·         The availability of Carers Cards for adults through the new commissioned service from 1 April 2023, TuVida.

·         The numbers and variety of carers providing positive comments regarding the Carers Wellbeing and Respite and Feel Good for Life programmes.

·         An update on the successful Warm Welcome initiative and the wide range of resources and activities on offer.

·         Identification of more carers and the role of communities and Community Coordinators.

·         The extent of community support during the pandemic and importance of preventative services and timely statutory services, when needed.


The Chairperson advised that Members of the Committee who wanted to ask questions had all spoken, so as there were no further questions for the Invitees, thanked them for their attendance and advised that if they were not required for the next Item, that they may leave the meeting.

Following detailed consideration and discussions with Officers and Cabinet Members, the Committee requested:


1.    An overview of the support available to young carers in school and college and the support available to allow them to continue with their education alongside caring.


2.    The DigiStory and case study referred to by Halo Leisure, which describes some of the challenges and experiences of unpaid carers.


3.    A breakdown (represented in numbers rather than percentages) of the actions taken/results of the 362 contacts made to adult social care services on behalf of carers in 2021-22.


Of the 96 young carers assessments conducted since April 2022, a breakdown demonstrating how many were assessments of new carers and how many of the cases were already known to the service.

Supporting documents: