Agenda item

Strategic Workforce Plan



Councillor Huw David – Leader of the Council

Councillor Jane Gebbie - Deputy Leader of Council and Cabinet Member for Social Services and Health

Councillor Hywel Williams - Cabinet Member for Finance, Resources and Legal


Mark Shephard - Chief Executive

Kelly Watson - Chief Officer Legal and Regulatory Services, HR & Corporate Policy


Paul Miles – Group Manager – Human Resources and Organisational Development




The Group Manager - Human Resources and Organisational Development presented the draft Strategic Workforce Plan 2023- 2028.


The Chairperson thanked the Group Manager – Human Resources and Organisational Development and Members discussed the following:


·       The challenges and capacity in Human Resources (HR) and use of the HR partner model in the co-production of Delivery Plans.

·       The impact of hybrid working and dynamic demographic change on workforce profile, service delivery and HR policy development. 

·       The competitive recruitment market along the M4 corridor and the need for national agreed terms and conditions.

·       Management oversight of the Plans, input from Trade Union groups and relationships with other local authorities and partners.

·       Support for staff wellbeing, sickness and absence, and the levels of engagement in the staff survey.

·       Vacancy and turnover rates, diversity and the Council’s Guaranteed Interview Scheme. 

·       Hybrid working and the public’s ability to contact the Council via telephone and the newly launched digital platform.

·       The demand and expectations for Council services, Member Referrals and whether an analytical tool could be used to identify themes from referrals.

·       Prospect of international recruitment and working with schools, colleges and other higher education establishments.

·       Importance of succession and continuity planning.


The Chairperson advised that there were no further questions for the Invitees, thanked Invitees for their attendance and, advised that if they were not required for the next Item, they may leave the meeting.


RESOLVED:                 Following detailed consideration and discussions with  Cabinet Members and Officers, the Committee made the following Recommendations:


1.     The Committee recommended that the circular graphics at the top of page 13 of the Delivering together, Our Strategic Workforce Plan 2023-2028 (page 175 of the Committee’s public Agenda pack) showing the percentages of staff working in each of the five areas of the authority, also reflect the level of vacancy or completeness of workforce in each Directorate. In relation to the turnover rate of staff the Committee also recommended that the same page also reflect the general turnover rate of staff not just new starters leaving within their 1st year (up to 31 March 2023).


2.     The Committee expressed concern regarding the corporate oversight responsibility and the possibility of a fragmented process towards monitoring and delivery of the Plan. The Committee therefore recommended that consideration be given to establishing a HR strategic group to include Officers from across the authority and Trade Union representatives to monitor and drive forward the delivery of the plan and that they report to CCMB.


  1. The Committee expressed concern regarding the lack of citizen focus within the Plan and recommended that the Portal analytical tool be developed/progressed as soon as possible in order to evaluate the areas of dissatisfaction and themes arising from Member referrals and customer queries regarding repeat matters, in order to inform the Workforce Plan. Once completed, the Committee recommended that they receive a Members Briefing regarding the analytical capabilities of the Portal.


and the Committee requested:


4.     Information on how the workforce structure in Bridgend compares to other Welsh local authorities and whether its levels of management are typical of other local authorities in Wales.


Whether the Venture Graduate Scheme overseen by the Cardiff Capital Region could be accessed by students by other higher education establishments, especially Bridgend College.

Supporting documents: