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To receive the following Question from: Councillor A Hussain to the Cabinet Member Communities

Could the Cabinet Member please let the council know how we the residents of Pen Y Fai are supposed to travel in and around Bridgend?


‘Could the Cabinet Member please let the Council know how we the residents of Pen Y Fai are supposed to travel in and around Bridgend?’




            Service No. 81 operates in Pen Y Fai presently. However, due to the recent decision to reduce funding towards supported local bus services, the subsidy provided to this partly commercial service will end on 11 August 2018, leaving the commercial element of the service.


            The decision regarding this commercial element would be for the operator to decide upon its commercial viability.


            However there is the Service No. 67 (Bridgend – Pen Y Fai – Aberkenfig - Sarn) which is partly funded by BCBC, but has not been affected by the budget reductions in 2018/19.


            This service operates to Heol-tyn-Garn via the main road (A4063), before turning right on to Pen Y Fai Road (towards Aberkenfig Village). The return route is the same, which lies to the east of Pen Y Fai.


            If the bus operator does decide to remove the commercial element of the service then this would leave the western part of Pen Y Fai area unserved. If this was to occur then residents would need to access the route of Service No. 67 to gain access to Bridgend Town or Sarn.


            As indicated in the consultation response many residents have access to private motor vehicles and for those who may have specific access issues the Bridgend community transport does provide alternative provision.


            In consideration of rerouting existing commercial services this would be a commercial decision from the bus operators. This had been requested and examined previously and at that time First Cymru Buses Ltd considered this inappropriate as it impacted upon timing of their services.


            In regard of active travel there are several proposals contained within the Council’s Integrated Network Map (INM) which will seek to enhance active travel access to Pen-y-fai. The INM was approved by Cabinet and Welsh Government. In reference to the specific concerns raised by Councillor Hussain, proposal INM-BR-14 highlights a potential shared-use route between Pen-y-fai and Sarn Railway Station alongside Bridgend Road.


            In addition, proposal INM-BR-19 indicates a desire to investigate the options for provision of a pedestrian route between Pen-y-Fai and Cefn Glas along Cefn Glas Road. Whilst this route has been identified as a proposal in the INM, it is not currently considered suitable for active travel as it does not meet the standards required by the Welsh Government’s Design Guidance.


            Proposal INM-BR-61 refers to an improved crossing facility and associated footway works at the junction of Bridgend Road/Heol Eglwys in Pen-y-fai in the vicinity of the petrol station. Finally, there is also a proposal (INM-BR-15) to enhance pedestrian access between the existing National Cycle Network Route 885, which runs alongside the River Ogmore, and the Bridgend Designer Outlet.


Supplementary question from Councillor Altaf Hussain


Since Bridgend County Borough Council is included in the Cardiff City Region and has been promised to contribute to its fund for transport developments, could the Cabinet Member – Communities let the Council know when the 15 minute interval Metro Rail Services are being provided for stations in the Bridgend County Borough, including main line and Maesteg branch line services.




The Cabinet Member – Communities advised that Bridgend County Borough Council would receive a valuable contribution for projects earmarked within the Cardiff Capital Region City Deal, which as Members were aware, was a long term project. There were various elements of the project, including possible plans for the provision of metro type rail services, though there were difficulties presently at Pencoed railway station, due to the railway crossing that was generating a build-up of vehicular traffic at this location. There was also a proposal to consider at this railway station, namely works to improve the bridge there, which if undertaken, would allow for the free flow of extra train services, which would have a knock-on effect not just within Pencoed, but also in all areas of the County Borough, thus increasing the provision of trains at a considerable number of locations. A meeting was planned with the Cabinet Secretary for Transport, and more would be known after this meeting took place.


The Cabinet Member – Communities concluded his response, by reminding Council that the City Deal was a long term project that would span 15 or so years, and projects invested into, including those within the Bridgend County Borough, would develop and progress as the Deal grew momentum.